To Recruit 'A' Players, Try This 5-Step Method

Article Link: To Recruit 'A' Players, Try This 5-Step Method

To be the best a firm has to recruit the best. In this Entrepreneur article, Zach Cutler goes through his process to find ‘A’ Players. First, he emphasizes the importance of outlining the perfect candidate; what personality qualities, professional experience, and company roles do they need to fill. But, one must be active in the endeavor that is hiring; it is impractical to think that one can expect the perfect candidate to walk in the door without putting in any effort. Additionally, it is recommended to conduct up to five types of interviews for each applicant. Although this may seem excessive, it is necessary to be thorough when searching for employees. Once a decision is made on the ‘A’ Players, it is the company’s job to sell the best candidates the position in order to convince them that this is the community they want to join. To find members that can be successful in a current team, it is crucial to hire quality and not quantity.


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